In a city that has seen centuries of culture and history leave its mark, our generation demands recognition. London’s grounds are covered in ancient buildings, all marvels of architecture at their time. Jutting through the well-preserved art are momentous skyscrapers with innovative designs stealing the surveying tourists eye. The conflict between old and new is

The spectacular countryside of England

Experiencing Uni at Bradford

The University culture here, and I am guessing all through England, is so vastly different than that of MSSU (my home institute). The differences are everywhere and everyday I discover something new. I’ve been dedicated to experiencing the life at Bradford to its fullest while I am here. At the University of Bradford (UoB) there


“I am in love with cities I have never been to and people I have never met.” ~John Green, Paper Towns  That is one of my favourite quotes, because it is true. I have always been a dreamer seeking out a new adventure. I haven’t lived in many cities, but I knew there were ones out


This trip to the North Sea town of Whitby was filled with stories of vampires, wizards, and giants. Whitby is a small town with a big history. Most of its history stems from famous works of fiction. It is the town where Dracula was written and based. Nearby the town is a “hole” in the



My trip to Liverpool can be divided into three types of adventure! We impressively fit sports, culture, and site seeing into one day. Before we get to those three adventures, its important to note that the day started off in Starbucks. Not just any Starbucks, the coolest underground Starbucks ever!     Site Seeing The


I’ve been in the UK for just over a month and have finally gone outside England. This past Saturday, I went on a Don’t Be A Tourist trip to Edinburgh Scotland! Firstly, I need to note that I booked this trip hoping to see Edinburgh not as a tourist, considering the company is called Don’t Be


I am a bit behind on blogging due to an unfortunate series of events including getting the notorious England flu. Apparently it is a right of passage when moving to this miserably cold and wet country. I did manage to get some travelling in these last couple weeks. On Saturday, Feb 8th, I went with

Transformation Tuesday

This Tuesday I finally did something I have been considering doing for around a year now. I cut off all my hair and got a pixie cut. I love the change. Many people have asked me why I did it. I would hope that when people describe me they would use words synonymous to exuberant

The exiting scene of Manchester


This Saturday I went with a very fun group of friends to Manchester. Its only about an hour drive away. Its such a huge city I am sure I will go back. I just didn’t have enough time to see it all. This weekend in Manchester they were celebrating the Chinese New Year. We didn’t