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Yesterday I took part in an English tradition. My American friend, Rob, and I walked down to city centre to enjoy our first meal of fish’n’chips. Most of you probably know this, but here chips are french fries. Considering my dislike for fish, I did not expect to like this meal. In England they serve their fish’n’chips with English tea or coffee. Although I was itching for my first cup of joe for the day, I opted for the traditional tea. I still haven’t dared put milk in my tea though. I just drink it black

This is my first cup of English tea

This is my first cup of English tea

Being that I love tea, I am going to really enjoy having a cup with every meal. Don’t worry, I stopped at Starbucks on the way back to my dorm to get my quad soy two pump no whip grande mocha. And as you may have guessed, they tend to laugh at me when I order it.


As for the fish’n’chips, I was pleasently surprised. It was delicious! The breading on the deep fried fish was very different from how it is typically prepared in the States. Here it is really sweet. I also liked it because it didn’t taste too fishy. The chips or fries were pretty good too. They prepare the fries with salt and vinegar. I’m not really a fan of the vinegar.

Me about to dive into my fish'n'chips

Me about to dive into my fish’n’chips

Rob couldn’t quite have the meal the standard way. He requested ketchup for his fish’n’chips and drank his tea with sugar.

Rob preparing his first of three plates of ketchup

Rob preparing his first of three plates of ketchup


The shop we had our fish’n’chips at is considered the best in the city of Bradford. Sadly, Bradford is not by the coast. We will be taking a trip to Liverpool while studying here. While there I plan on trying fresh coastal fish’n’chips, and I will keep you updated on how they are!



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  1. Brittany January 25, 2014

    Oh Yum! Last night I had some fish’n’chips inspired by these photos! No ketchup, though. I love all your photos and captions, it’s a great way for moms in Kansas to live abroad through your adventure 🙂

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